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We start with a free site survey of the home, spending essential time visiting with the customer and sizing the proper generator that meets the customer's requirements. Our representative will assist with generator placement, materials recommended including type of transfer switch that best suits the customer's needs. We will discuss if boring or trenching will be required for the electrical and plumbing. We can help the customer with valued information on updating their gas meter and explaining if and why an upgrade may be needed. At Generator Service Center LLC we try to minimize the amount of damage to your yard by boring through the yard. Boring costs about half the price of trenching, saves your yard, no irrigation lines, cable TV or telephone lines are disturbed or cut. Our customer is offered various types of pads for their new generator to rest on, from composite to concrete. Our concrete pads are poured to a thickness of 3 ½ inches to 6 ½ inches depending on the size of generator. If the customer lives in a flood prone area we have the ability to offer solutions for raising the generator to a level not affected by high water. At Generator Service Center LLC we only use licensed electricians and plumbers and provide all necessary permits for the installation. The City of Houston Inspectors have told us they can always tell when they arrive to inspect one of our installations saying Your installs are very robust and commercial looking. We will not cut corners and will provide you with the best professional installation and customer satisfaction.

Repair Service:

Customer communications is very important to us and when there is a problem with their generator we will discuss what is wrong over the phone to get an idea of the problem. We then try to anticipate the common problems based on the conversation. Next we put your repair on a schedule so you are aware of when out techs will be out. In some instances you need to be home but in most cases you do not. Our first goal is always Peace of mind for you and your family. Our service trucks maintain an inventory of common repair parts which can help shorten repair times and save the customer money.

Preventive Maintenance Service:

Keeping your generator in proper operating condition is important and we at Generator Service Center can provide you with various options concerning Preventive Maintenance. Unlike the competition we allow the customer to tell us at what level they want us to maintain their generator. Our basic PM Service is once a year or 300 hours run time. From that we will schedule PM Checks determined by the customer which saves the customer money. PM Checks are recommended quarterly or semi-annually but we have some customers that ask us to come by monthly. No Problem, WE WORK FOR YOU! We monitor our competition's pricing and have consistently met or beat their pricing for PM Service and Repair.

Gold Membership:

Generator Service Center LLC offers a Gold Membership available with purchase and installation of generator set. Gold members receive 20% discounts on our PM service and value added services.

We provide:

  • Guaranteed 24 hour emergency service
  • Customer First Service - our Gold Customers are placed at the front of the line for service/repairs
  • Once yearly free check - if you are out of state when a storm threatens, we will within 48 hours of the impending storm, go to your home and check your generator for proper operation, top off oil and coolant and start your generator.

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